Bitstocks was founded in 2014 as the City of London’s first Bitcoin Market Advisory and Cryptocurrency Investment Firm

While we served as an investment house for retail bitcoin investors, our core purpose and focus was always, first and foremost, to be an education house. To provide clear and unrivalled education in the space; to demystify the complex nature of blockchain technology and offer insight into the financial and philosophical value held within its blueprint.


This ethos of education remains a key tenet of who we are and what we do. But as our understanding of the boundless, untapped potential of Bitcoin has developed and deepened, so too has our market offering.


We have turned our attention to provide a more holistic and far-reaching solution: Gravity, a connected ecosystem of everyday financial products and services, backed by the power and scale of Bitcoin SV (the Original Bitcoin) that will play a role in enabling sovereignty, and eventually in the evolution of human sustainability. 

Gravity: Buy & Sell Bitcoin Instantly

Buy or sell bitcoin quickly and easily on Gravity.  No complicated charts, no trading jargon, just a few simple button clicks.

And with iron-clad security and cold storage of assets, you can be sure your coins are safe! Always.

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Is There a Branding Crisis in Bitcoin? - Eli Afram - Bitstocks Podcast Ep.52

Eli Afram of Bitcoin Association Australia, a contributor to & CTO of Layer2 Technologies sits down with Michael Hudson to discuss Bitcoin's branding crisis.

Michael Hudson   00:56:45

The Bitstocks Team

We know it sounds a bit clichéd, but we really do consider our Bitstocks tribe as our family. We work hard, we play hard, and we’ll call each other out. But above all, we respect each other for our unique personalities, talents and skills.

The Bitstocks Team

Nicola Shillingford
Head of Marketing
James Coughlan
Relationship Manager
Michael Hudson
Founder & CEO
Lara Port
Careers and Well-Being
Damien Hartley-Swan
Head of Design & Brand

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