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Meet Bitstocks Crypto Advisory Service Team - Associates and Trading

Vee Tardrew
24 October 2018

When Bitstocks started, back in 2014, there were only a handful of cryptocurrencies around. Bitcoin comfortably dominated in terms of market share, popularity and utility. Fast forward to present day and we're looking at a total of 4,000+ cryptocurrencies, tokens and initial coins on offer.

Yes - over 4,000!

That's a ton of companies and developers promising all sorts of wild and wonderful ways their coin or token is set to revolutionise (insert any industry, service or product here). That’s a massive volume of noise and, quite frankly, a bunch of ‘shitcoins’ that have little chance of ever establishing true application in the world. As a result, we’ve seen scores of ill-informed people taking uncalculated risks, ploughing billions of capital into skeleton businesses in the hopes of reaping epic, ‘early-adopter’ windfalls.

Let’s be clear about this.

The cryptocurrency market, as a whole, should not be viewed as one for short-term gains and a means to make a quick buck. The inflated bubble of late 2017 and the subsequent ‘crash’ of 2018 is a brutal reminder of what happens when speculative investment based on media buzz and dinner table conversation overrides proven fundamental analysis.

True to our founding ethos, Bitstocks remains dedicated to a long-term investment approach and a buy-and-hold strategy of our primary asset, Bitcoin Cash. Its innate characteristics of being true permissionless, decentralised, borderless and programmable money make it the ideal tool for achieving our ultimate objective for all clients - financial sovereignty. As a vehicle of transforming global money, its current price should be less of a concern than its value.  

That being said, we know that amidst the hype and fanfare of the plethora of ICO’s and tokens, lie opportunities for shorter-term bolstering or hedging of portfolio performance. Finding the ‘diamonds in the rough’ that have genuine potential and value does, however, require extensive industry experience, ongoing research and careful evaluation.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce the gents at Bitstocks who are tasked with doing just that for our investment and diversification strategy!

Investment Associate - Stephen Ierotheou

Investment Associate - Stephen Ierotheou

Stephen has an extensive technical background, having received a First Class Hons degree in Economics from Brunel University - specialising in Econometrics and Mathematical modelling.

His previous experience includes working as an Analyst and Economic Researcher, covering a variety of different instruments, namely AIM listed equities and commodities, whilst utilising his Econometric expertise forecasting real estate growth projections in UK.

Stephen has been privileged to work at a range of successful firms so early in his career including Toscafund Asset Management, Darwin Strategic Fund and Primary Bid.

On a personal front, Stephen is an advocate of meditation and has a keen interest in developing spiritually.

Investment Associate - Cyrus Yari

Investment Associate - Cyrus Yari

Prior to Bitstocks, Cyrus was a Banker at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) as part of the deal team focussing on Corporate Finance, Acquisition Finance, and Leveraged Buyouts. He was a Senior Associate at SVB focussing on the origination and execution of deals, in addition to portfolio management of a $200MM book. His speciality was in Consumer Internet, eCommerce and FinTech sectors. Previously, Cyrus spent half a year at one of Top-3 German banks - KfW IPEX-Bank - as part of the deal team working on Project Finance and Leveraged Buyouts in Europe. This spanned Infrastructure and Renewable Energy deals with values ranging £50MM - £700MM. Before joining the professional world, Cyrus enjoyed running eCommerce and events businesses whilst studying.

Cyrus has an MSc in Finance (major) from Queen Mary University of London (Russell Group University) where he was the class president and graduated in the Top 5% (with a first class / distinction).

Cyrus’ hobbies and interests include practicing Muay-Thai, fitness, spirituality, learning, travelling, and auto-racing.

As Investment Associates, Stephen and Cyrus work side-by-side to identify new investment opportunities, monitor asset performance and assess risk. In addition, they are heavily involved in the development of products for the next phase of Bitstocks - a crypto financial firm for all - with a specific focus on traditional bank-like services such as Loans, Fixed Income, Short Selling and Hedge Fund structure.  

Head of Trading - Geoff Woodward

Head of Trading - Geoff Woodward

Geoff joined the firm in 2018 and is in charge of the trading platform and responsible for the overall portfolio performance. Prior to this, he served as a Senior Trader at top tier Banking Institutions and Asset Managers, including UBS, HSBC and Henderson Global Investors; comprising of clients such as Blackrock, Aviva, M&G, Standard Life, Pimco, Insight, and L&G. Where he was consistently ranked in the top quartile by his clients.

Throughout his extensive career Geoff has notably taken his former institutions into becoming one of market leaders in the sterling fixed income IG sphere.

Geoff is a devoted father and a keen golfer, when he gets the chance to play!

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