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Meet Bitstocks Cryptocurrency Advisor, Adam Norrie

Liz Louw
21 September 2017

Hi Adam, thanks for taking the time to give me some dirt (just joking) on yourself for our "Team Talk" series. 

I have prepared 6 questions for you, some of them triggered by our last conversation. Ready? Let's go!


Liz: When chatting with you last week about the effect that an EMP attack might have on the functioning of Bitcoin, it was clear to see that you were born babbling digital technology. What do you think have been the most amazing technologies invented during your lifetime? 

Adam: Great question. But, (sigh) there are so many! Let me narrow it down to my top three, other than Bitcoin, of course! In chronological order, I’d list MP3 players, smartphones, and Wi-Fi.

MP3 players provided me with some awesome benefits while growing up. Unlike previous generations, we didn’t have to buy an LP, cassette tape or CD every time a song was released.

Then came the smartphone. I was in my teens when smartphones started becoming more popular and seeing the birth of the iPhone and its development was certainly surreal.

Wi-Fi has only been around since 2003 and it is something that is generally taken for granted. Wi-Fi has made so many things possible and has made portable devices all the more powerful.

Liz: So, let us chat about Bitcoin then. What was your response when you heard of Bitcoin the first time? 

Adam: When Bitcoin first came out I had not really heard of it. It was only around 2010 when I first came across Bitcoin and was instantly interested by it. However, if I am honest I never thought it would ever be where it is today back then, otherwise, I would be living the high life in Dubai or Vegas. (Laugh) It was around 2013 when I started looking into Bitcoin to get a basic the understanding of what the project was about. It was still a little more than curiosity at that stage.


Liz: Can you tell me if, and how, your view of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has changed or broadened over time?

Adam: As time has passed, my knowledge about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has expanded and therefore my understanding has done so too. It is my belief that without knowledge, you cannot have a valid view on a subject as you will be talking from a point of ignorance. In researching and learning more about a topic, one can develop a viewpoint. You are then able to discern between what is viable and what is not.  Call it a period of enlightenment. This has been my journey with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as I have uncovered through broadening my understanding and knowledge. Not only about the cryptocurrency technology, but also how it fits into the “bigger picture” of global economics, politics and humankind in general. My views are constantly changing as this industry does.


Liz: What do you imagine the world’s relationship with cryptocurrencies will be like in 10 years’ time?

Adam: I think we will see a huge drop-off in the number of cryptocurrencies over the next decade, with only a select few that had real-world application being utilised on a daily basis. With cryptocurrencies, there are many projects which are great ideas and make great business models but there is no need for there to be a 'token'. There are a few projects out there which will create a decentralised ecosystem for people to use online and offline in the future. The potential of said projects will begin to be realised in the next 10 years.

One project that certainly stands out is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralised form of money and fixes many of the issues that exist today as a result of fractional reserve banking. With our currency being decentralised, independent sovereignty is restored and as individuals, we will be able to be in control of our own finances as opposed to relying on banks to do that for us.


Liz: Are there any of your family members or friends who have particularly influenced you in your career path? Can you tell me about them and how they’ve influenced you?

Adam: My Mother, for sure! I still think about the memory today. I must have been around 7-8 years old and we were on the way back from grocery shopping, talking about what I wanted to be when I grew up. At that point, I had always wanted to follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps and join the Royal Air Force. When we were talking about this, she quickly encouraged me to pursue a career as a stockbroker as that was “where the money is”.

As I got older I developed an insatiable interest in alternative history and science. Through my research, I began uncovering unnerving truths that shaped my viewpoints. Bitcoin provides relief, or a ‘fix’ to some of my worries, which is why I am a firm believer in the project. With Bitstocks, I get to combine a passion and a career together. 


Liz: Sketch me a picture of the best weekend or holiday you can imagine!

Adam: My dream destination for a holiday would have to be the Moon. As strange as it sounds, commercial moon travel is not that far away and I certainly want to be one of the lucky visitors! Although, I think there will be certain areas we won't be allowed to visit. If you get what I mean...

Liz: (Laugh) Well, that certainly is the most ‘out there’ response I have heard. Thank you for your time, Adam.

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