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About Bitstocks

Bitstocks is the City of London’s first bitcoin and cryptocurrency market advisory firm. Established in 2014, our primary objective is to simplify cryptocurrency investment and provide the services for investors to be able to confidently and safely secure and grow their cryptocurrency wealth.

We are fierce advocates of the innovative technology and the financial revolution cryptocurrency offers by enabling true decentralised and individual financial sovereignty.


Available positions

Who We Hire

We are highly selective of the people we bring into the business. Irrespective of your role, there are a few key traits we look out for. Call it our culture, if you will.


  • A genuine interest in the way the world works: theology, philosophy, finances, economics and politics intrigue you.
  • An insatiable appetite for knowledge: we are in a fast-paced industry that requires continual and self-directed learning.


  • A ‘can-do’ spirit: we are excited by finding ways to achieve what others say cannot be done
  • Do what needs to be done today with the long-term vision in mind: we have ambitious goals and expect all to be fully on board in working towards these dreams


  • A true team player: we do not have a typical corporate hierarchy and we expect

  • A positive temperament: no-one likes a grump


  • A strong ethics and integrity policy: we are open and honest, period


  • A commitment to world-class customer service: we operate with our clients at the core of everything we do and aim to deliver exceptional service, always


  • An inherent, internal driving force: we like people who have a burning desire to make things happen and pursue their passion

"I founded Bitstocks with the aim of creating a space where people can pursue their passions and achieve their dreams. "

Michael Hudson | CEO

Great Perks

While we would like to believe that working for Bitstocks and being an active proponent of the cryptocurrency movement would be enough to keep you motivated, we throw in a number of extras to ensure you are happy and productive.


  • 24/7 access to a free selection of productivity-boosting coffees and teas, (or cucumber and citrus water if you are on a health kick)

  • Free beers and ciders on tap 24/7. Yes, you read that last correctly, however we keep the heavy drinking until after hours!


  • A generous 32 days annual holiday package (including bank holidays) per year that we encourage you to use up! We want you refreshed and fully charged throughout the year


  • Great quality, comfy-fitting Bitstocks branded t-shirts


  • Team socials include events such as go-karting, Tough Mudder, paintball or cinema screenings

Market Advisory Desk
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OTC Dealing Desk
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