Bitcoin SV: the Foundation for the New Data Economy - CryptoTime Ep. 43

Bitcoin SV’s immutable, secure and serverless data storage capabilities will be irresistible to the new data economy, forecast Bitstocks Relationship Managers, Antonio Shillingford and James Coughlan. 


Although storage and retrieval of Big Data is nothing new, Bitcoin SV’s unique features (a single global ledger with built-in data ownership, data privacy, and monetisation) will revolutionise existing business models and offer a foundation to implement technologies that will disrupt the tech giants of today.


Having a single reliable data ledger already means that business partners can all integrate with this ‘universal source of truth’, and seamlessly pass value between all parties along the chain.


“Who wants to be standing outside of Starbucks with Costa Coffee Coins? What we want is one utility, under one roof, that will allow us to do everything we need to do in one space. And that certainly can be derived from BSV.” 

Source: How Bitcoin SV will control the new data economy, by Mohammad Jaber, via CoinGeek