Facebook Libra Dominos Fall, BTC Exposes Darknet Secrets - CryptoTime Ep.30

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In Crypto News this week: Facebook Libra’s partners pull out one by one, just as expected. The US Congress has asked Zuckerberg to appear before them to run them through Libra project updates. In a statement prior to this event, Zuckerberg pledged his willingness to delay Libra’s launch until all US regulators have signed off. Our prediction? Don’t hold your breath.


In a disturbing story with a positive outcome, U.S. and South Korean authorities have joined forces and utilised Bitcoin’s traceability to not only bust a giant child porn site but rescue 23 minor victims too. Thanks to Bitcoin, authorities also arrested 337 predators in 38 countries!


Bitstocks Relationship Managers, Antonio Shillingford and James Coughlan are the hosts of this week’s episode of CryptoTime.