CoinGeek Live Special, Day 1 - CryptoTime Ep. 46


Antonio and James give us a rundown of the movers and shakers that participated in day one of CoinGeek Live 2020.


Highlights include Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen’s impressive opening speech introducing the event’s mantra of “One World, One Chain.” Jimmy presented the blossoming Bitcoin SV ecosystem as proof of the premise and reinforced the fact that BSV is money AND data, not just money.


Next, the pair cover the prolific Steve Shadders’ presentation of the new and improved solution to the double-spending problem and other Bitcoin SV features that are currently in beta testing.


Other sessions that earned a mention on this CoinGeek Special are:

  • Robert Rice (Founder & CEO, Transmira Inc) on XR (Experiential Reality) Applications: Greater Power with Bitcoin SV

  • Centbee’s Lorien Gamaroff and Angus Brown on banking the unbanked

  • The panel discussion on the Future of Digital Asset Security and Custody with Karen J. Wendel (President & CEO, TrustChains, LLC), Sebastian Higgins (VP, Custody Services, Genesis) and Gabriel Frank (Director of Sales, Curv)


While Jimmy Nguyen wowed the audience with his inspirational speeches, the day climaxed with Craig Wright’s presentation about “Outsourced Computation on Bitcoin: How One World Blockchain Powers a New Future for Computing & Cloud System.”