CoinGeek Live Special, Day 2 - CryptoTime Ep. 47

Throughout day two of the CoinGeek Live conference, we saw the heavy-weights in the Bitcoin SV space talk about a range of REAL WORLD issues and, most importantly, deliver viable solutions using blockchain tech.


So today’s CryptoTime conversation covers a little bit of everything - from social media platforms farming your data, the accuracy of medical records, varying levels of bitcoin legislation across US states and the emergence of a new kind of smart contract.


Bitstocks’ James Coughlan and Antonio Shillingford take us through the programme’s highlights, including:


  • Jeff Chen (Founder & CEO, Maxthon Ltd.) on New Browsers & Domain Systems for a Bitcoin SV-Powered Internet

  • The panel discussion on reinventing the Internet, ‘New Models for Digital Media & User Content’ featuring Connor Murray (Co-Founder & CEO , True Reviews), Luke Rohenaz (CEO, TonicPow), Billy Rose (Co-Founder, Twetch)

  • Panel discussion on ‘Token Solutions on Bitcoin SV’, featuring James Belding (Founder & CEO, Tokenized), Ryan X. Charles (Founder, Money Button), Steve Shadders (CTO, nChain), Stephan Nilsson, (Co-Founder & CEO, UNISOT), Robert Rice (Founder & CEO, Transmira Inc.) and Jerry Chan (CEO, TAAL Distributed Information Technologies, Inc.)

  • The Keynote Speech on ‘Balancing Innovation & Regulation for Growth of Blockchain Technology’ presented by Congressman Darren Soto, U.S. Representative (FL-9) and moderated by Jimmy Nguyen (Founding President, Bitcoin Association)

  • EHR Data’s presentation, ‘The First Healthcare Data Platform Using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain’, presented by Ron Austring (Chief Scientist & Consultant, EHR Data), Cheryl D. Jorgenson (Chief Clinical Officer, EHR Data) and Joseph Eckstein (Director of Product Design, EHR Data)

  • Smart Contracts & Tokens on Bitcoin SV: Going Mainstream’, James Belding (Founder & CEO, Tokenized)