CoinGeek London 2020, Special Edition - CryptoTime Ep. 42

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Coming to you from CoinGeek London 2020, Bitstocks Relationship Managers, Antonio Shillingford and James Coughlan share their conference highlights. First on the agenda is the buzz created by Bitstocks’ CEO-founder, Michael Hudson through his presentation on the Gravity Mission. The two guide you through the symbolism of Michael’s presentation, connect it with the various technologies on display at the Gravity booth, and hint at the Nassim Haramein partnership, as a means to understand the significance of the Mission.


Antonio and James then take a walkabout around the conference centre, catching up with Lorien Gamaroff (CEO at Centbee), Bitcoin SV Train’s Shem Booth-Spain (Founder of the Bitcoin SV Channel), Rafael Jimenez Seibane (Co-founder of Handcash), Brandon Cryderman (Handcash connect rep), and Michael Hudson after his presentation. Evaluating the energy and mood of the event, the pair see it as a promising predictor for Bitcoin SV’s ‘Year of Enterprise’.


Sign up for Bitstocks’ Gravity. Though Gravity is only supporting UK residents right now, European residents (with the exception of Germany) can sign up from 1 April 2020!