Lists HEX & Crypto Projects on Chopping Block - CryptoTime Ep. 36

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Crypto businesses on the chopping block due to new EU regulations, and probable scam coin, HEX, listed on Bitstocks Relationship Managers, Antonio Shillingford and James Coughlan cover the highlights of this week’s crypto news.


First up, James explains why AMLD5, a set of new EU anti-money laundering rules coming into effect Jan. 10, 2020 have backed non-compliant cryptocurrency firms into a corner. AMLD5 imposes more stringent reporting obligations for crypto business and authorises Financial Intelligence Units to obtain the addresses and identities of cryptocurrency owners and users. Because of AMLD5, the crypto graveyard now includes payments startup Bottle Pay, crypto mining pool Simplecoin, and Bitcoin gaming platform Chopcoin.


Next, Antonio exposes the sordid operations underlying the HEX token, the killing that HEX founder Richard Heart is set to make, and begs the question: “Why on earth would list such a shocking project!?!”