nChain’s Ethereum Killer & BSV Testnet Breakthroughs - CryptoTime Ep. 32

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Google’s patent library confirms that Craig Wright’s nChain has just been granted the patent for Blockchain-enforced Smart Contracts. While nChain has a total of 826 filed patents, 1,450 in the pipeline and around 200 granted, this one might just be an Ethereum-killer… Bitstocks’ Relationship Managers, Antonio Shillingford and James Coughlan give you the lay of the land and discuss the domino effect that the enforcement of this patent’s rights might have on the Ethereum network.


Next on the agenda, the pair announce Bitcoin SV’s latest triumph: a 2.7 million transaction block, successfully mined on the BSV test network. Watch to find out what the figure has to do with the Visa payment network.