The White Company, Bottle and Apple Card - CryptoTime Ep. 7

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BitcoinSV (BSV) is a stable, robust and scalable blockchain, and we're seeing more and more support coming from incredible businesses and applications in the space.


Businesses like The White Company, for example. Having launched in 2017, The White Company offers products and services that bridge the gap between consumers, cryptocurrency and merchants. Their White Wallet is linked to MasterCard and Visa debit cards, which are accepted at big name merchants such as Amazon, iTunes and Uber. This allows users to spend cryptocurrency for more everyday purchases than ever before. Impressive metrics highlight that, despite a bear market, there is definite progression being made.


Applications like Bottle, too. Bottle provides a 'search engine' facility for content stored on the BSV blockchain. This represents a massive step forward for broader adoption of BitcoinSV not only for payments, but for the storage of information too. We're more and more rapidly seeing the Satoshi Vision of being the blockchain 'for everything' becoming a reality. Another critical issue a service such as Bottle vanquishes is the increase in social censorship we're experiencing. Immutability combined with permissionless interaction means the likes of Twitter and Facebook will be hard pressed to quieten opinions that 'they' perceive as going against the grain!


The conversation between Bitstocks' Antonio Shillingford and James Coughlan, also then turned to the Apple Card and how this differs to the innovative Samsung Wallet.