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Duration: 25:43

Bitstocks CEO, Michael Hudson, delivers a thought-provoking message about the legacy social, economic and financial structures of the world, and reveals the events underway that lay the path for a seismic shift in power.

Duration: 32:16

Michael Hudson, CEO of Bitstocks, embarks on a philosophical discussion of some of the motivating factors behind the Bitcoin revolution, challenging conventional information and traditional education.

Duration: 14:37

Hours before SegWit2x was called off, Michael Hudson, CEO of Bitstocks, chatted with Financial Fox. And while he predicted Bitcoin price could still double, he also hinted at why Bitcoin Cash is one to watch!

Duration: 14:01

Our CEO, Michael Hudson, sits down with Jeremy Naylor from IGTV UK to discuss the significance of bitcoin dropping below 50% of the cryptocurrency market cap.

Duration: 12:32

Michael Hudson, CEO of Bitstocks, says bitcoin is ‘regulated by mathematics’ and the Securities and Exchange Commission needs educating as it receives applications for bitcoin ETF status. Michael sees bitcoin at $2,000 by year end.

Duration: 10:14

Michael Hudson, founder and CEO of Bitstocks says, ‘if pushed’, he believes the SEC will not approve the application for a bitcoin ETF. He says, though, even if it is not approved it is only a matter of time before bitcoin sees $2,000.

Duration: 14:00

What is the value and the technology behind it, how do you process transactions and how you preserve security. Are Banks and Central Banks ready for it? What is the investment opportunity?

Duration: 1:56

Get to meet the people behind the Bitstocks brand and why we feel so strongly about bitcoin as an investment opportunity second to none.

Duration: 1:30

How does bitcoin benefit individuals around the world? Watch our short video to see.

Duration: 0:51

Discover more about Bitstocks - our people, beliefs and ethos in this short video introduction.


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