Bitcoin Halvenings: The Rub - David Arakelian - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 14

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Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will all be undergoing a block reward halvening within the next 6 months.


Bitstocks Relationship Manager, Antonio Shillingford, and CTO, David Arakelian break down the role of Bitcoin miners, the purpose of block rewards for incentivising network growth, the impact of previous halvening events, and the projected impact of the 2020 halvening on the profitability and sustainability of mining.


Discussion points include: 

00:01:30 - The role of miners within the Bitcoin ecosystem

00:04:20 - Beyond ‘magic tokens’, Bitcoin as Timechain

00:05:06 - The incentives of mining bitcoin, then and now

00:08:53 - How block rewards incentivise growth of the Bitcoin network

00:09:53 - The deflationary design of Bitcoin

00:11:59 - Bitcoin’s economic model and token economics

00:13:51 - Why it’s illogical to bank on BTC price increase at halvening.

00:14:13 - What human nature (and history) predicts for the halvening’s impact on BTC

00:17:55 - The Bitcoin halvening’s impact on businesses

00:18:26 - A likely outcome of the 3 competing Bitcoin chains undergoing halvening

00:24:41 - Post halvening sustainability of mining profits

00:32:42 - Price action during previous halvening events on Bitcoin and Litecoin and correlation with next halvening

00:36:47 - BSV gameplan to compensate for halvening with transaction fees

00:38:06 - Innovating income streams for miners