[Pilot] Bitcoin Ideologies & Economic Incentives - Bitcoinomics Podcast Series - Ep.1 Pt.3

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In the third and final part of this episode, Emmanuel Alamu and Elia Yousif talk about key dates for Bitcoin over the coming year, with the Bitcoin reward halving being arguably the most prominent. The myth that the halving event will necessarily lead to the doubling of price is based on a misconception about Bitcoin’s supply and demand model. Bitcoin’s full supply of coins, 21 million, has been in existence since the beginning. The supply remains stable, leaving demand as the only fluctuating key barometer in the model. 


Although previous Bitcoin halvings have coincided with a growth in demand to compensate for the reduction in the set mining reward, BTC and BCH’s lack of utility has led to a stagnation. “Bitcoin node implementations that don’t have demand will start to see a slow death after the halving,” suggests Emmanuel.


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