Bitstocks Does 'Hot Ones' - Braving 'Da Bomb' for COVID-19 Fundraising - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 23

In a hat-tip to the “First We Feast - Hot Ones” show, a few of the braver members of the Bitstocks team step up to a fiery challenge thrown down by CEO, Michael Hudson, and raise funds for charity in the face of the sweeping coronavirus.


With milkshakes and icy water at the ready (which incidentally represent their 2 BSV each, and therefore, off-limits until the end), Elia Yousif, Antonio, Dean and Nicola Shillingford, Michael Hudson and Damien Hartley-Swan battle, breathe and sweat their way through a selection of some of the hottest hot sauces available, ranging from a mild 2,100 to a scorching 135,000 on the Scoville scale.


For added flavour, the team is also one-by-one required to answer questions as lined up by Vee Tardrew. Some are of a personal nature, some are professional and some are well … just plain hilarious! What starts out as rather calm and composed, ends in a level of carnage as the spices take their grip and the team struggle to hold their thoughts (and sometimes stomachs) together.


While a massive departure from the usual Bitstocks Podcast style (and content matter), this episode is guaranteed to have you covered on an entertainment front, if not educational, and offers a glimpse into the culture, connection and comradery of the entire Bitstocks team.


Charity update: A donation of a total of 12 BSV (we forgave Elia for his early dip into the milkshake) will be made to BADU’s One Community, helping to feed and clothe vulnerable families and youth in London. You can read up on the initiative here.