Can Craig Wright Really Sue? Crypto Law Expert Talks Cowboys & Defamation - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 11

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Michael Hudson & Blockchain Lawyer, George Morris on proof of ownership, an individual's legal recourse for defamation of character in the crypto sphere, the nuances that UK Regulators will use to categorise different cryptocurrencies, and establishing precedent in Blockchain Law.


Quick reference:

0:52 - Introducing the UK’s best Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain lawyer, George Morris from Simmons & Simmons

1:52 - George Morris on his career journey

3:08 - On being a lawyer in the Blockchain space

3:55 - Why and when the concept of ‘decentralisation’ grabbed George’s attention

8:08 - Michael and George on analogies for ‘code is law’

10:30 - On possession of keys vs ownership - a legal perspective

13:52 - The Bitstocks approach to technologies that outpace regulatory responses

18:05 - On Binance and ShapeShift’s #DelistBSV campaigns

18:53 - George on the legal definition of a fraud and Craig Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto

20:03 - Analysing Binance’s reasons for delisting BSV

21:52 - Community and developers’ commitment to BSV

22:55 - Level and quality of BSV development

25:34 - Accusations of fraud and unethical conduct against BSV

26:46 - Can Craig Wright really sue for libel?

41:51 - What’s going on in (and behind the scenes) of the Kleinman Estate vs Wright court case

44:49 - Craig Wright’s vs. Peter McCormack: the legal process, requirements and projected timeline

53:53 - The game plan behind Craig Wright’s lawsuit against Peter McCormack

55:33 - George’s view on the development of crypto regulation

1:03:01 - FCA’s categories for defining cryptocurrency tokens

1:05:25 - How FCA could regulate exchanges and crypto companies instead of tokens

1:09:14 - What is keeping traditional financial companies from adopting blockchain?