Kronoverse, CryptoFights' David Case: "Future of Blockchain Looks Gaming!" - Bitstocks Podcast Ep.13

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David Case, Chief Architect & Engineer of Kronoverse studio, sits down with Bitstocks' gaming enthusiasts Elia Yousif, Head of OTC & Settlement, and David Arakelian, CTO, to talk about gaming on the blockchain and their latest project, CryptoFights - a skill-based, player vs player, turn-based fighting game, that will be running on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


Discussion points include:

0:56 - About David Case's background (first experience with BTC) and Kronoverse studio

3:50 - The gaming development process and why Kronoverse builds games on blockchain

6:14 - How the CryptoFights game works and why they chose BSV as development platform

10:15 - The advantages of using blockchain over other development platforms

13:53 - Different models for blockchain game development

15:53 - The disadvantages of current blockchain technologies

18:03 - The present state and near-future potential of BSV software development

19:10 - Walking the line of blockchain-first technologies in a way that's accessible to mainstream audiences

20:20 - Cryptocurrency's main audiences

20:53 - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency's infiltration of the eSports industry

23:49 - The architecture of the Kronoverse platform

26:43 - A 'Ready Player One' universe?

29:44 - Integrating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hardware with the blockchain?

30:28 - The small but growing support ecosystem for blockchain developers

35:45 - Structuring blockchain gaming software to prevent regulatory backlash

41:33 - Kronoverse's short-term gameplan

44:00 - The development language of Kronoverse and its interface with Bitcoin