Damien H. Swan - Bitcoin, VR, UI & Designing Bitstocks’ Gravity - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 17

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Meet Damien Hartley-Swan, Bitstocks Head of Design and designer of Bitstocks’ Gravity.


In his debut on the Bitstocks Podcast, Damien (aka. Bitstocks’ Painter) tells Bitstocks CEO Michael Hudson, about his earliest encounters with Bitcoin, how Bitstocks’ vision of Bitcoin opened his mind to its potential to ignite the 4th industrial revolution and the next evolution of humanity, his experience with designing Bitstocks’ Gravity’s User Interface, and what he’s most excited about for Bitcoin and Bitstocks’ Gravity in 2019.


The pair also dig into the implications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology for User Experience and User Interface design, and hint at the R&D Bitstocks is doing in this arena.


Register to be part of Bitstocks’ Gravity’s private beta programme. Open to UK based residents.