Daniel Connolly - Bitcoin SV Lead Developer on Genesis Upgrade - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 15

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Bitcoin SV lead developer, Daniel Connolly, joins Bitstocks’ CTO, David Arakelian in the studio to discuss the February 2020 Genesis upgrade and unleashing Bitcoin for mass adoption.


In this rather technical session, the pair aim to answer some of the Bitcoin SV community’s burning questions about the upgrade that will restore the BSV protocol nearly entirely to the original Bitcoin protocol.


Topics covered include: 

00:38 - Daniel’s background, history, current projects and motivation for working on Bitcoin SV.

02:04 - A day in the life of Bitcoin SV’s lead developer.

04:31 - The tipping point that triggered the block size debate.

09:22 - The features of the original Bitcoin that Genesis will unlock.

13:19 - Enabling more transaction types and layers going forward.

15:28 - The explosion of Op_return applications and fall-out.

18:15 - The misconception of decentralisation through non-mining node operators.

23:29 - Alternative business models for Bitcoin miners.

25:22 - The point of the Nakamoto Consensus mechanism.

28:57 - Mining-related upgrades in 2019.

32:08 - New software releases going live with Genesis.

37:25 - How the assumption of a 1Mb block size affects software development.

38:04 - The sunsetting of P2SH (Pay To Script Hash).

40:30 - SegWit - Hacking the Bitcoin system against its design.

43:02 - The plight of hobbyist network validators.

46:39 - The role that Bitcoin Cash is playing in the market.

50:19 - Potential dangers of removing all data limits.