David Arakelian: How Failed Governments Led Him to Bitcoin - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 9

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What does inflation have to do with the ability to speak 5 languages?


Bitstocks CEO, Michael Hudson, sits down with our Armenian born CTO, David Arakelian, in a revealing podcast discussing his background and how geopolitical instability meant living in a country where electricity, water and food supply was limited.


This upbringing and the subsequent emigrations led David to develop not only an incredibly structured, disciplined approach to work, life and his passions, but also set him on a path towards Bitcoin for financial sovereignty. 


The duo dig into a variety of subjects including:

0:54 - Lets talk about cars

6:19 - How government instability led David to speak 5 languages

28:28 - How David got into coding

37:18 - When did David first come across Bitcoin? And what made him make the leap?

53:03 - The difficulty a business faces to keep up with 3 blockchains lets alone 1000's of different chains

59:50 - How 'Gravity' will nullify issues David faced from economic instability - Bringing economic sovereignty

1:10:00 - Why Bitcoin SV?