George S. Samuels - Bitcoin’s Balancing Act - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 16

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Balancing Bitcoin’s individualist and collectivist forces, the Spiritual Awakenings and Ancient Wisdom that led them to create their Bitcoin businesses, and the bridge between tech and community. Meet George Siosi Samuels, the ‘It Will Come Guy’!


On the 4th of December, Bitstocks CEO, Michael Hudson and George spent over an hour delving into their spiritual awakenings and how they’re integrating that Sight into their Bitcoin businesses.


The pair also spoke about the Ancient Wisdom gleaned from the Tao te Ching, the Akashic records, Native American prophecies and how it applies to humanity of today. George S. Samuels is the Founder and Managing Director at Faiā, and describes his role as a community and tech bridger, and Bitcoin Preacher.


Key talking points include:

00:01:05 - George S Samuels introduces himself.

00:02:25 - Blending passion with business.

00:04:31 - The Sacred Enterprise of balancing individualism and collectivism.

00:06:36 - The role of the wolf in George’s life story.

00:15:21 - Michael on Spiritual Evolution and Spiritual Journey.

00:22:25 - George introduces Faiā corp and the historical influences behind it.

00:29:25 - Michael on symbolism and how Bitcoin will ensure that the human evolutionary trajectory stays pure.

00:35:07 - Bitcoin as the link between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

00:44:40 - Bitcoin’s potential to create greater harmonisation of people, tech and nature.

00:49:30 - Michael on the untapped power and elements baked within Bitcoin.

00:54:50 - George on the lessons of Divine Timing and the Power of Small.

00:57:33 - Microtransactions as one of Bitcoin’s ‘killer features’.

01:00:37 - Bitcoin’s promise within a data-based economy.