HandCash CEO, Alex Agut on BSV Ecosystem Triumphs & Challenges - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 12

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Bitcoin SV product designer, Alex Agut (CEO of HandCash) tells Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) how the HandCash team went from developing a Qualitative AI product later adopted by Accenture and Elon Musks' Tesla, to exclusively building on BSV.


The two talk impending cryptocurrency regulations, Bitcoin myths and distortions, and 'MetaNet': the Internet of Value that Craig Wright is building on the BSV blockchain.


Quick reference:

0:17 - Using technology and logic as a compass instead of ideals.

1:03 - HandCash design ethos: focus on one thing and do it well.

3:00 - On the Pokemon Go phenomenon and what it tells you about app design.

7:17 - How Bitcoin got on Alex's radar in 2015.

11:54 - Alex's journey from Bitcoin to Bitcoin SV.

16:59 - How the HandCash R&D team developed a Qualitative AI product that Accenture adopted for autonomous driving

21:00 - Alex's 5 to 10-year view of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency space, and HandCash.

23:56 - Michael and Alex discuss the potential and opportunities related to creating 'the Internet of Value' (Craig Wright's Metanet) on a blank slate.

27:57 - Alex about their approach to cryptocurrency regulations.

31:30 - The new POP (point of sale) and HandCash apps that are coming out soon.

34:13 - Michael asks Alex about the biggest challenges and greatest triumphs of his career in the crypto space.

38:29 - On the actors that co-opted Bitcoin for their own agendas.