Jimmy Nguyen - Behind the Scenes of Bitcoin SV’s First Year - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 21

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Following Bitcoin SV’s successful Genesis Upgrade, Jimmy Nguyen (Chairman and president of the Bitcoin Association) and Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) caught up to chat about the significance of the day. Jimmy shares some details about the dedication and hard work that went on behind the scenes of the Genesis Upgrade - all the way since the 2018 hard fork.


While Craig and Jimmy have been the most recognised public figures of the Bitcoin SV project, Jimmy casts the light on the development and engineering work undertaken by Steve Shadders and Daniel Connolly’s teams. “One big difference between Bitcoin SV and other crypto ecosystems, is the BSV project’s organised and professional approach to development.”


Quick Reference:

01:45 - How Bitcoin SV’s Genesis upgrade has restored the Bitcoin vision.

03:50 - The BIG difference between BSV and other crypto systems - professionalism.

05:24 - An overview of the Bitcoin SV project’s past 12 months.

07:22 - The Genesis upgrade unfucked Bitcoin. Next step: Teranode.

08:18 - The explosion of development on Bitcoin SV.

11:10 - Gaining the confidence of an enterprise and institutional market.

16:53 - The importance of the Genesis upgrade’s impact for the future of BSV.

19:11 - The big conversation around Bitcoin mining.

25:41 - Institutional interest in Bitcoin SV.

27:57 - What to look forward to at CoinGeek London, 20-21 February 2020.

34:45 - What to expect from Michael’s presentation at CoinGeek.

35:51 - Jimmy’s approach to communicating Bitcoin SV’s vision, “Where’s the heart?”