Jimmy Nguyen - BitcoinSV, nChain, Dr Craig Wright and CoinGeek - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 8

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In this candid podcast, hosted by Bitstocks CEO, Michael Hudson, Jimmy Nguyen of nChain and the Founding President of The Bitcoin Association, discusses life as a BitcoinSV evangelist, joining nChain, his view of Dr Craig Wright and makes an exciting CoinGeek announcement.


As one of 4 children of Vietnamese emigrants to the United States, Jimmy details his first-hand experience of the personal and financial struggles as a result of geopolitical issues, and how Bitcoin can serve as a hedge for those in countries with floundering fiat currencies and governments. Michael and Jimmy also discuss the misinformation and differences between private, anonymous and pseudonymous blockchains, touching on the importance and impact of these in the bigger picture of transparency and 'sight' of financial transactions.


The pair go on to chat about the fundamental design of Bitcoin as a biologically inspired network, highlighting how Dr Craig Wright chooses to share cryptic information in presentations and let people do their own research, in order to learn. Speaking of Dr Craig Wright, Jimmy details how he came to work for nChain and establish a trusted relationship with the 'controversial' man so widely misunderstood.


In a slight turn to the technicals, Michael and Jimmy, share their excitement about the Bitcoin SV developments chatting through the OP returns and run through the utility of Bitcoin SV now that bigger block sizes are at play.


Before wrapping up with a thought-provoking view on blockchain related patents held by nChain, Jimmy and Michael discuss the regulatory and legislative landscape, as well as government influence on blockchain technology adoption and as a mechanism for enhanced economic performance.


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Quick Reference to Discussion Points:

0:05 - Introduction to Jimmy Nguyen

6:20 - Jimmy's Story Telling Ability

9:30 - This is a Mission!

15:58 - the Influence Jimmy's Father Had on Him

20:40 - Having a conversation About Bitcoin & The Value it Brings With His Parents

31:09 - A Public Reference Value of Establishing our Time & Skill

41:01 - How Jimmy and Dr Craig Wright Met

55:52 - When Did Jimmy realise Dr Craig Wright Was The Pioneer of Bitcoin

1:06:25 - What Can be Achieved by Lifting OP Return Limit in Bitcoin?

1:19:58 - What is the Bitcoin Association?

1:21:05 - How Do You See the Legal & Regulatory Climate Over the Next 2 Years?

1:30:10 - nChain & Patents

1:40:25 - The Economic Incentives