Konstantinos Sgantzos - Artificial Intelligence on the Bitcoin Blockchain - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 18

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Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Researcher and Lecturer, Konstantinos Sgantzos talks to Bitstocks CEO and Founder, Michael Hudson about the potential of pairing Bitcoin with Artificial Intelligence.


The pair dive into Bitcoin’s biological connection, Turing Completeness, and the Bitcoin blockchain’s capacity to host Cellular Automatons.


“Right now, the holy grail of science is to construct a generic form of AI.” Could Bitcoin be the key piece of the puzzle?


Having started out as a hacker, Sgantzos boasts qualifications in Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics.


Quick Reference:

00:31 - “It all started in 1984,” Konstantinos introduces himself.

01:47 - A theoretical computer that can be built on the blockchain.

03:15 - Turing Completeness, Cellular Automatons and Bitcoin.

10:05 - Discovering the biological inspiration of Bitcoin.

17:03 - Would AI agents be able to use Bitcoin for malevolent purpose?

19:39 - How Bitcoin Core killed Bitcoin’s potential.

22:43 - Bitstocks’ Gravity - Building a data bank on Bitcoin.

32:51 - A Unified field theory for splitting the chaos and establishing order.

34:22 - Bitcoin’s role of liberating human creativity in the data-driven economy.

36:46 - Bitcoin as alternative to Google and Facebook.