Kurt Wuckert - The Bitcoin Coup and Reformation - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 26

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson talks to CoinGeek Chief Bitcoin Historian, Co-founder of Crypto Traders & Chicago BitcoinSV Meetup, Kurt Wuckert Jr. 


The pair dig right into Bitcoin politics and speculate who’s behind Bitcoin’s capture, and the motives of this insiders’ cabal.


“The Bitcoin arena has become deeply political - I call it the Bitcoin civil war. It’s very much an information war. The small block narrative adopted aggressive, communist propaganda practices: divide and conquer. They separated Bitcoiners from each other, they made us cease to trust each other. Now we have three competing chains and the biggest one is the least valuable, fundamentally. And they control it. They’ve controlled it through a very aggressive social narrative - I call it Bolshevik, I call it the Raspberry revolution. It’s socialist.”

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