Lorien Gamaroff - Empowering Africa Through Bitcoin - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 22

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Centbee CEO and co-founder, Lorien Gamaroff, talks to Bitstocks CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson about empowering humanity, and Africa in particular, through Bitcoin.


Lorien, a software engineer by training, originates from Zimbabwe where he worked in the energy industry at a time when Africans had little access to digital payment platforms. Bitcoin appeared as an ideal solution. When the Zimbabwe Central Bank destroyed the local currency, he started reading up about Austrian economics and the concept of sound money.


Since then Lorien’s understanding of Bitcoin has evolved significantly and he’s highly sought after by institutions like central banks and the IMF to speak on the societal benefits of Bitcoin.

Quick Reference:

01:21 - A mutual passion for Africa.

02:31 - Digital payments and sound money for the unbanked.

04:59 - Becoming the ‘Blockchain-Africa guy’.

07:07 - From ‘fixing fiat currency’ to an immutable evidence trail.

11:00 - From anarchism to working WITH the system.

13:33 - “BTC or BSV?” an African perspective.

21:31 - The hurdles that keep Africans from integrating with the global economy.

26:00 - Waking up from Bitcoin myths.

28:35 - Winning institutional confidence with Bitcoin SV’s professionalism.

31:24 - What it takes to build a business on Bitcoin - Lorien’s CoinGeek presentation.