Stephan Nilsson - Integrating the World’s Systems through Bitcoin - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 24

Coronavirus related lockdowns have had a huge impact on the global supply chain of goods and services. Michael Hudson talks to enterprise blockchain implementer and evangelist, Stephan Nilsson about how their Bitcoin SV-based supply chain solution can address some of these issues.


Stephan Nilsson is the co-founder and CEO of Norwegian enterprise blockchain provider, UNISOT (Universal Source of Truth) -  a supply chain solution provider for enterprises that solves the top 10 problems in their industry by using Bitcoin SV as infrastructure. 


Quick reference: 

00:39 - Introducing Stephan Nilsson.

02:10 - The frustrations of doing ERP integrations in a fast-paced world.

04:36 - Discovering Bitcoin’s data storage capacity. 

05:51 - Integrating the world’s biggest ERP systems with a distributed, permissionless data layer. 

08:51 - Facing the disintegration of Bitcoin at the hands of Bitcoin Core developers. 

12:26 - The Seafood supply chain as a test case for using Bitcoin to connect a physical item with its digital twin.

21:41 - The path to mainstream adoption is through enterprise Bitcoin applications.

23:23 - Using Bitcoin to tokenise fiat currency and gold reserves.

30:42 - Using Bitcoin to meter time and integrating it with distributed computing.

42:16 - UNISOT’s vision for 2020.