Steve Shadders - Writing Bitcoin’s History & Writing History with BSV - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 20

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Über Bitcoin coder and CTO at nChain, Steve Shadders talks to Bitstocks CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson about Bitcoin’s history, and creating an immutable chronicle with the help of Bitcoin.


As one of the team leaders behind the Bitcoin SV development team, Steve runs us through their extensive preparations for the Bitcoin SV’s Genesis upgrade and reveals the name of the final Bitcoin SV hard fork...


“I’m more excited about the fact that I don’t know what Bitcoin (BSV) will look like in 3 years just because the possibility is boundless.”


Quick Reference:

01:50 - Steve runs us through the preparations for the Genesis upgrade.

07:21 - Writing Bitcoin SV’s history by practising corporate responsibility.

09:13 - Without BSV, Bitcoin would have been no more.

11:13 - The importance of the Genesis upgrade.

13:42 - The Genesis Upgrade’s value for individuals and businesses.

15:24 - What will Bitcoin look like in 3 years?

16:00 - 2019 and 2020 in Bitcoin: data applications and functionality.

16:58 - Michael’s view of Bitcoin as memory.

23:42 - Shadders on Bitcoin as an immutable chronicle of events.

27:15 - Reengineering the Internet with Bitcoin.

35:52 - Conversations going on inside nChain (the Lego factory).

37:49- How Bitcoin’s foundation of accountability makes the world a better place.

49:16 - About Michael’s CoinGeek announcement.

51:00 - Shadders’ CoinGeek presentation: the post Genesis world.