Steve Shadders Discusses the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Tech Pillars - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 7

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Bitstocks CTO, David Arakelian chats with nChain Technical Director, Steve Shadders about the 4 tech pillars behind BitcoinSV (scaling, security, instant transactions and stability).


This is definitely one for the techies who would like to get a better understanding of the BitcoinSV foundations and future plans.


Quick Reference:

0:48 - Introduction to Steve Shadders

3:20 - Why Steve started working on BitcoinSV

4:07 - The 4 tech pillars of BitcoinSV - The roadmap & ultimate goal

10:47 - Scrutiny measures on BitcoinSV for security

14:49 - What are the 3 main limitations that are stopping BitcoinSV from scaling?

20:35 - Do you have any concerns about the language used to code BitcoinSV?

24:00 - BitcoinSV code in conjunction with hardware

32:50 - Who is the main audience for BitcoinSV? and what we can expect from nChain this year

45:51 - The mediums used to keep track and find out more about BitcoinSV

50:53 - Where do you see BitcoinSV in the next 5 years?