Umar ‘Top Boxer’ Sadiq - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 10

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Bitstocks CEO, Michael Hudson, sits down with Umar 'Top Boxer' Sadiq to discuss everything from sacred geometry to religion, to who is the best in the business when it comes to boxing.


Quick Reference

0:40 - Introducing Umar ‘Topboxer’ Sadiq

3:56 - Dealing with uncertainty and pressure in boxing and in life

6:52 - The journey to becoming a professional boxer

14:00 - The mind, body and soul complex for professional athletes

21:55 - Leveraging the Law of Attraction

31:00 - The mindset for overcoming losses and personal failures

34:19 - Self-love (aka self-discipline) and it’s religious links

38:15 - The spiritual path and the ‘curse’ of conditioning

44:38 - The knowledge ‘bubble’ and the ignorance of man

50:00 - Decoding the wisdom of God

58:06 - Defining sovereignty

58:55 - How the current economic system stifles sovereignty - the Global Pyramid of Power explained

1:05:42 - The Internet intervention - eradicating HIS-story from history

1:08:44 - The conundrum of corruption

1:12:27 - Bitcoin - disseminating power with peer-to-peer money

1:14:54 - The Bitstocks solution: Gravity!

1:19:27 - Hard lessons in helping others - charity begins at home

1:23:29 - Michael reveals his never-been-heard-before TRUE motivation for the creation of Gravity

1:30:57 - On being a spiritual warrior: The quantum mechanics behind the Law of Attraction

1:33:35 - The butterfly effect - inaction is an action too

1:38:56 to end - Umar and Michael delve deep into the boxing space; Umar’s inspiration, who’s king of the ring and more …