Slaves to the System: Bitcoin, Breaking the Shackles - Sight Episode 7 Part 2

In theory, regulators prevent those in power from abusing their positions. In reality, the inefficiencies of the system hamper regulators from realising their intent.


In the final episode of the Slaves to the System mini-series, Bitstocks CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson concludes that Bitcoin is a regulator’s dream come true!


It allows businesses to adhere to law, order, regulation, and transparency - EFFICIENTLY and CHEAPLY. Say goodbye to the need for involving fallible and expensive auditing companies. With business built on Bitcoin, we can ALL see what’s going on.


And once the first businesses start building on Bitcoin, we’ll have a choice of who we want to interact with: financial institutions and data-services that operate in murky waters, or those that empower us to see how our data and finances are being used. 


THAT is the next human condition: choice, liberty, sovereignty.