End Game: Restoring Faith, Trust & Function - Sight Series - The Final Episode

Throughout the Sight Series, Bitstocks CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson, has helped us to #GetSightofTheIssues that exist within our society. In episode 1, Michael explained how the financial crash in 2008 catapulted the shift from a top-down hierarchical flow of information to a more distributed model. The second episode introduced us to Bitcoin - a revolutionary timestamping ledger that enables the whole world to be witness to both the good and bad that occurs in our societal operations. The Sight series aimed to shine a light on the challenges in our society, from the secrets of money, economic enslavement, to negative interest rates, voter fraud and the impact of COVID19. 


In this final episode, Michael makes it clear that although throughout this series challenges have been identified, what’s really critical is communicating to the world that there are solutions, and it’s our collective responsibility to build and implement them for the greater good of humanity. 


Big tech companies have been harvesting our data since the inception of the internet. Now it’s time for us to empower ourselves with the tools to not only create a new internet, but also to prepare ourselves for a rebirth of what the human experience truly is.


Over the coming year, Bitstocks believes that the true power of time-chain technology (blockchain technology) will become clear and humanity will be able to decipher what is true and what is not, without having to navigate through corruption. 


Bitcoin is the order in the chaos.

It is the keeper of time. 

It is the keeper of records.

It is the unifier and purifier of technology. 

And it’s time to switch the lights on!