Slaves to the System: Modern Money Mechanics - Bitstocks' Sight Series - Episode 5

In the fifth episode, and the first in a Sight mini-series entitled Slaves to the System, Michael Hudson explores how our modern money mechanics robs the common man and woman of their lifelong labour, hopes, and dreams. While we are exchanging our time and energy for capital to take care of our families today, and save towards future goals, the monetary system is robbing us blind. 


In essence, we’re being held hostage by private financial organisations that operate in their own interest. Private central banks have duped governments into exchanging tangible assets - physical assets as well as the future tax earnings of our children - for money created out of thin air. But the fraud deepens, as the new money flooding the system dilutes the value of the capital in our pockets and our saving accounts. 


Michael doesn’t mince his words: “None of this is accidental. The system is designed this way.”