The Psychology of Negative Interest Rates - Sight Series - Episode 8

A central bank’s role is to bring stability to markets by creating currency and to get it into circulation. To exercise its responsibility to society, central banks control the interest rate by expanding and contracting the flow capital in markets. 


The idea is to reward those who deposit their savings into a bank by adding interest to their accounts. But that was before the 2008 financial crisis ...


In this episode of the Sight series, Bitstocks CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson helps you to #GetSightofTheIssues. He exposes the puppet masters of the financial system and the levers they use to manipulate, instead of stabilise, the economy. 


In the light of Covid-19 pandemic, Michael poses a frightening question: Could it be that the banking system is hijacking the crisis to introduce a cashless society so they can increase their control over our money?