Voter Fraud? Enter Bitcoin - Sight Series - Episode 10


Bitstocks CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson helps us #GetSightofTheIssues around the 2020 US elections.


More than 3 weeks after election day, the results are still in dispute. Every one of the points of contention revolves around technology…


The US elections determine the most significant transition of power in the political process. And yet, the machinery, processes, and software used are unreliable and poorly audited. 


If, on the other hand, the entire process was recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, it would’ve been impossible to manipulate the process without leaving indisputable evidence. 


With Bitcoin, every individual interaction - from voter registration, to voting, and ballot counting - can be recorded in 10 minute windows, each one stamped with the time at which it took place. By lessening the time between an action taking place and it being recorded, it becomes much harder to manipulate the information without leaving clear evidence of the crime.