Liz Louw

Digital Marketing & Content Strategist

Nature-loving globetrotter, Liz loves to spread her South African wings.

To date, she’s travelled as far afield as the USA, the UK, Portugal and France to soak up gorgeous landscapes, delight in local cuisine and experience life in different cultures.

As our Digital Marketing and Content Strategist, Liz puts her ‘marketing smarts’ coupled with her exceptional research skills, knack of ‘calling bullsh*t’ and literary eloquence to good use. She creates regular, hard-hitting pieces that serve to educate (and entertain) our community.


Liz lists the publication of her ‘A Short History of Bitcoin Myths’ eBook and blog series as one of her greatest achievements while working with Bitstocks. And with an array of glowing reviews from industry leaders, her pride is unquestionably warranted. Its a must-read piece, in our opinion.


A bookworm before she could even read, Liz revelled in the ability to peer into the minds of others and the mechanics of the world, satisfying her curious and compassionate nature. It’s no wonder she took to the availability of the Internet in her teens like a duck to water, liberating her from the narrow confines and resources of her local library. It offered her a broader understanding of the world ‘out there’ while fuelling her own authoring aspirations. 


True to her Jung personality type of ‘Advocate’ (to be part of a movement that leaves a positive mark on the world), Liz is an ardent supporter of ecological sustainability. She combines this passion with permaculture gardening to produce impressive backyard harvests and fresh-from-the-crop meals. It’s also provided valuable life lessons along the way. “My permaculture garden has been the best teacher of mindfulness and iterative development principles. You have to pay attention and respond to things as they are instead of trying to force things to be the way you imagined they would be.” 


Come vacation time, you’ll find Liz stocking her backpack, donning her hiking boots and setting off to explore vast mountain ranges and coastlines, camping under the twinkling stars of open skies and enjoying the soothing sounds of nature.