Stephen Ierotheou


This piano-tinkering foodie went against his supervisor's advice on his Economics thesis, and it's the best decision he ever made!

For his Economics thesis, he chose to go against his supervisor’s advice by producing the very first research paper to use Econometric analysis to evaluate if Bitcoin can be deemed as an alternative form of money. His conviction paid off, and he not only achieved one of the highest marks in Brunel’s history but also changed some of his professors’ opinions on Bitcoin.

In his current role at Bitstocks, he puts his Macroeconomic knowledge to practise when carrying out top-down analysis to assess potential investments. His role of Investment Associate, fields the areas institutional relationships, market analysis, which means he was directly responsible for creating and modelling the services which together form Bitstocks’ Bitcoin-banking Ecosystem, Gravity.


Stephen finds it tremendously rewarding to be in a position where he makes an economic contribution while simultaneously supporting socially responsible projects. On a day to day basis, uncovering high-grade investments is a source of exhilaration and motivation. At present, Stephen counts becoming the youngest Bitstocks employee to receive partnership his greatest accomplishment.


With his ambitious track record, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s all work and no play. His many extra-curricular loves - playing the piano, travelling, watching boxing and MMA, food culture, and meditation - tell a different story.