Jeffrey Epstein, Greta Thunberg and a Climate Change Crisis? - Truth & Light Ep. 2

In this second episode, Relationship Manager, Antonio Shillingford, and Head of Marketing, Nicola Shillingford, join CEO, Michael Hudson, as they delve into the events following the unsealing of a slew of indictments this year.


Grab the popcorn and listen closely as they discuss the Jeffrey Epstein case, Greta Thunberg, the Climate Change Crisis, and expose the malevolent agenda behind mainstream media.


Key talking points include:

03:13 - The importance of Truth and Light series for Bitstocks

04:43 - The ramifications of the Jeffrey Epstein case

14:12 - Digging into the ‘Climate Change Crisis’ Humanity and our relationship with the environment vs Humanity and our effect on ‘global warming’

21:42 - A segue about Snowden

23:42 - Back to the ‘Climate Change Crisis’ - a fearmongering tactic?

26:33 - The New Dawn, The Golden Age and Awakening

29:41 - Facts vs Fiction: Craig Wright in the Bitcoin space, Trump’s real fight with (social) media

38:02 - Rabbit holes - do your own research!

40:02 - Mainstream media (MSM) corruption exposed - Project Veritas

45:50 - Data: The new currency