Spacetime, Space Memory and Bitcoin - A Conversation with Nassim Haramein - Truth & Light Ep.5 Pt.1

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To introduce their partnership to the world, Nassim Haramein (World leader in Unified Physics, CEO-Founder of Torus Tech) and Bitstocks’ CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson take a deep dive into the concepts of Spacetime, Space Memory and Bitcoin.


In part 1, Nassim explains how he came to rethink the relationship between mass and spacetime, and the importance of memory for the concept of time: “Time is really information recorded on the structure of space.” Nassim’s Unified Physics makes sense of phenomena like the law of attraction and the placebo effect. Yet, he also wants to be clear: “These are not simply theories or philosophy, I have solved the equations and their predictive abilities are highly accurate.”


Giving away the connection between Nassim’s research and Bitcoin, Michael lets slip: “The Bitcoin blockchain is really an auditable trail of interactions that are recorded on a tape. So, it is space and memory of the movement of whatever happened within that space.”


Note: During the CoinGeek London Conference on 20 February 2020, Michael Hudson announced that Bitstocks and Torus Tech would be setting up a collaborative lab with PHDs selected and endorsed by none other than Nassim Haramein. The project will be focussed on developing and understanding the geometric nature of the Mathematics within Bitcoin and its biological nature, to ultimately develop an intelligence system that can serve as what technology should be… an extension of the human experience.


Key discussion points include:

02:15 - Nassim’s search for the fundamental answers to the structure of reality.

04:30 - The sparks that fueled Nassim’s alternative thought process and research journey.

08:06 - What gets lost beyond the visible light spectrum.

10:01 - Redefining concepts like mass and spacetime.

13:37 - Time is information recorded on the structure of space.

14:15 - Not just untested theory or philosophy, but highly predictive equations.

21:10 - Nassim’s equations vs. standard physics models.

23:07 - Applying Nassim’s Unified Field Theory for the benefit of humanity.

25:11 - Finishing what Einstein started: a unification of the sciences.

29:15 - “What animates us?” On consciousness.

34:15 - How environment and perspective impact self-organising systems.

38:39 - The entire universe is represented in its tiniest parts.

43:54 - From outer knowledge to inner knowledge.

53:17 - How individual intent feeds back into the system.

57:44 - The politics that inhibit human progress.