Spacetime, Space Memory and Bitcoin - A Conversation with Nassim Haramein - Truth & Light Ep.5 Pt.2

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In part II of this podcast, Nassim Haramein and Bitstocks’ CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson take us on a journey of breaking down scientific dogma in order to discover the truth. The two marvel at the difficulty of engineering ancient architecture without modern machinery, concluding that gravitational control was once practised on earth. The two go from exploring the secrets revealed by ancient artifacts to the next step for human evolution: learning to control the gravitational field. Nobel prize-winning geneticists, Francis Crick’s theory of Directed Panspermia provides a perfect example of the elite’s suppression of advanced scientific knowledge, but a change is coming.... Michael is building a benevolent financial system with built-in accountability: Bitstocks’ Gravity. What is Gravity? “Everything, yet nothing,” explains Michael. Nassim provides a new scientific understanding of Gravity: the curvature of space-memory. Nassim’s work includes innovations that will bring Gravity Control, Zero Point Energy, and Space Travel to humanity. He explains how it will affect our lives on this planet.


“The human mind is the new oil field of the planet,” Michael Hudson


Note: During the CoinGeek London Conference on 20 February 2020, Michael Hudson announced that Bitstocks and Torus Tech would be setting up a collaborative lab with PHDs selected and endorsed by none other than Nassim Haremein. The project will be focussed on developing and understanding the geometric nature of the Mathematics within Bitcoin and its biological nature, to ultimately develop an intelligence system that can serve as what technology should be… an extension of the human experience.


Key discussion points include:

00:48 - Copious evidence of the practise of gravitational control on earth.

03:44 - Censorship - the elites’ suppression of advanced scientific knowledge.

07:15 - Misinformation and censorship of what Bitcoin TRULY is.

09:55 - A time of inter-planetary collaboration is coming.

12:56 - The secrets revealed by ancient artifacts.

23:02 - The next step for human evolution: controlling gravity.

26:46 - Michael’s vision: building a benevolent financial system with built-in accountability.

28:19 - What is Gravity? A new understanding of Gravity.

35:00 - Gravity BitcoinSV Banking Ecosystem: “Everything but nothing.”

37:38 - Applying Gravity Control for the benefit of humanity.

44:47 - Why Bitstocks is building Gravity: a benevolent force in an inter-galactic system.

49:30 - The synergy between Michael and Nassim.

54:22 - Nassim explains Ark crystals.

59:57 - Bitstocks’ partnership with Torus tech.


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