Revamping the Educational System - Truth & Light Ep. 3

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A Virtual Reality universe is knocking at the door. Sooner or later we will get to the stage where we can interact with computers with access to the entire human history, the planetary memory. Everything humanity has ever produced will be on the record, available for us to converse with.


Bitstocks CEO, Michael Hudson, and CTO David Arakelian delve into this new reality, asking “What are the most important educational aspects to prepare us for this ‘Ready Player One world’”?


Key discussion points include:

01:43 - The shortcomings of the schooling system.

15:29 - How the system is hampering our teachers.

16:50 - The hidden agendas behind the distortion of family values.

22:18 - Navigating your child’s exposure to technology.

29:54 - Education and the global pyramid of power.

31:56 - Millennials’ contribution to exposing hidden agendas.

36:38 - A global awakening is taking place.

38:12 - Shifting education away from indoctrination and debt enslavement.

44:38 - How we can tweak education to improve Bitcoin SV development.

50:40 - Suppression of humanity’s capability for higher sensory experience and knowledge.