The World's Control Chain and Why Bitcoin Matters - Truth & Light Ep.1

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Introducing Truth and Light, a new segment on BitstocksTV, hosted by CEO and Founder, Michael Hudson, dedicated to sharing our perspective on the world at large; the societal and economic structures, the chain of control, advanced technological development, our origins, our purpose as a people, space exploration, extraterrestrial life, and many more controversial topics.


Hold on to your (tin) hats, folks, nothing is off-limits! In this first episode, Relationship Manager, Antonio Shillingford, joins Michael as they provide a foundation for episodes going forward, revealing how an interesting encounter and relationship with renown NASA hacker, Gary McKinnon, jump-started their respective journeys for knowledge beyond mainstream information, and divulge why the creation of Bitcoin is a pivotal turning point for a providential power shift.


Key discussion points include:

- What Gary McKinnon saw on NASA’s servers

- Tesla’s breakthrough technologies and the Trump connection

- The announcement and importance of the US Space Force

- ‘Secret’ societies and symbolism (the Pyramid of Power)

- Various informational fields, both seen and unseen

- The concept of time = money, and how it is used to keep us distracted from the truth

- Money : Designed to indebt

- Terrorism: A sheep herding analogy

- Messing with the cosmic web

- The Georgia Guidestones: A mandate of arrogance

- Free will and karma

- Child trafficking and paedophilia

- The Qanon movement

- Gold, gold-backed currency and bitcoin!

- Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV): The TRUE Bitcoin - The critical importance of transparency and acting within the law


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