Golden Globes 2020, Trump vs Iran, Prince Harry & Meghan, Epstein Autopsy - Truth & Light Ep. 4

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Ricky Gervais roasts Hollywood for their hypocrisy -  live and on stage at the Golden Globes 2020. U.S President, Donald Trump orders a hit on a top Iranian general, and missile fire ensues. Prince Harry and Meghan shock by announcing that they would step back from their roles as senior members of the royal family. Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy report reveals what we knew all along…


Bitstocks CEO and Founder, Michael Hudson and Relationship Manager, Antonio Shillingford speak truth to power, with Head of Marketing, Nicola Shillingford moderating the discussion.


Key discussion points include:

00:01:19 - Ricky Gervais delivers truth bombs to Hollywood at Golden Globes 2020.

00:12:13 - Jeffrey Epstein’s leaked autopsy casts further doubt on the official cause of death.

00:23:50 - Prince Andrew’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

00:24:09 - Prince Harry and Meghan step back from their royal duties.

00:29:48 - Bitstocks and Bitcoin’s role in the global awakening.

00:42:44 - Are President Donald Trump’s actions really going to trigger World War 3?

00:59:49 - The UK election results - Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.


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